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Sunday 05 July 2015
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St. Paul´s Church - Aarhus
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Photos Railroad tracks in Aarhus, Aerial \u00c5rhus Rathaus 2339503 Ausfahrt einer Y-Einheit von \u00c5rhus nach Skanderborg Aarhus  church Banegården/Bruuns Galleri Banegaardspladsen Aarhus Banegård, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Aarhus centre - Rådhusparken, Danmark Kingdom Banegårdspladsen, \u00c5rhus Aarhus Central Station, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Aarhus Banegård, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Sct. Pauls kirke Hallssti, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Skansepalæet, Summer Jægergårdsgade, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 \Graffiti\ Jægergårdsgade, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 B\u00f8rnenes Kontor, Banegårdspladsen, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Orla Lehmanns Alle, Aarhus, Denmark. 2012 \u00c5rhus by Night Galleri 27 Hans Broge R\u00f8merbo, FDF \u00c5rhus 2 Bruuns Galleri Skt. Pauls Kirke Bruuns Gallery Street of Aarhus DGI huset Bülows Kaffebar Skulptur ved DGI-Huset Værkmestergade Ren Kost Skansepalæet - Strandvejen Marselis Bouldevard - f\u00f8r tunnel DGI huset Undergrund`s Kunst Kildegaarden arhus,dalgas ave. bagside af hovedbanegården Brammersgade Arhus View from Heibergsgade, \u00c5rhus Brammersgade og Marselisborg Allè Indgangsporten til baghuset i gården nr. 25 Skt. Pauls Gade Skanseparken Aarhus trainstation Hans Broges Gade (N) Forår på RARBAR Arhus Banelegeme Aarhus, Dalgas Av. H\u00f8jhusene Marselis Boulevard 2339489 Aarhus Hovedbanegård, Banegårdspladsen 1, Aarhus, Denmark. 2010 beautiful building Bicycles! \Bates\ Bruun's Galleri, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Aarhus C, Banegårdspladsen imod Rådhuset Banegårdspladsen, imod Rådhuset rail train panoramic view Aarhus C, Banegårdspladsen Aarhus - monument for soldiers, Rådhusparken, Danmark Kingdom Aarhus centre - Rådhusparken, Danmark Kingdom \Tomcat 19.\, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Aarhus Banegård, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Aarhus Raadhusparken set mod Musikhuset og Scandinavian Center Banegårdspladsen, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 \u00c5rhus train station \Graffiti\ Jægergårdsgade, Aarhus, Denmark. 2011 Sct. Pauls Kirke, \u00c5rhus Sct. Pauls Kirke \u00c5rhus train station Skt. Pauls Kirke \u00c5rhus train station Hans Broges Gade Skt. Pauls Kirke K\u00f8bmandsskolen, Hans Brogesgade 2, 8000 \u00c5rhus C Rådhus om vinteren Fixing \u0026 Shopping Bruuns Galleri Tietgens Plads 4, 8000 \u00c5rhus C gammel arbejdst\u00f8jbutik cykelparkering Bruunsbro Gl. kirkegård Bruuns Bro Hotel Ritz Railway station in snow - Aarhus Hovedbanegården Trainstation M. P. Bruuns Gade 9519464 \u00c5rhus Hovedbanegård Bruun's Galleri by Night Park allé by night Jægergårdsgade Rue Hallssti Ole R\u00f8mers Gade \u00c5rhus Hovedbanegård
St. Paul´s Church is located on Mr. P. Bruunsgade in Aarhus. This is one of the few churches that do not have the tower facing west, but north, and this is due to Councillor M.P. Bruun, who donated land to the church but on condition that the church is facing the city. It was built from 1884 to 1887 in the Romanesque style and designed by the royal inspector of buildings, W. Th. Walther.

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GPS :  56.1462421 , 10.2039499

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